Daily Lent Devotions from Church of St Mary the Virgin, Send

17 February Ash Wednesday Day 1, From Darkness to Light
18th February Thursday
Day 2, Forgiveness
19th February Friday Day 3, Freedom from Slavery
20th February Saturday Day 4, New life
21st February Sunday Day 5, Thanksgiving
22nd February Monday Day 6, Blessed or Cursed
23rd February Tuesday Day 7, Righteousness
24th February Wednesday Day 8, Prayer
25th February Thursday Day 9, Chosen not Rejected
26th February Friday
Day 10, Gifts & Needs
27th February Saturday
Day 11, Worship
28th February Sunday
Day 12 Atonement & Guilt
1st March Monday
Day 13 Redemption & Loss
2nd March Tuesday Day 14 Fasting
3rd March Wednesday Day 15 Humility & Pride
4th March Thursday
Day 16 Unity with God
5th March Friday
Day 17 Power and Weakness
6th March Saturday
Day 18 Knowing God - Being known by Him
7th March Sunday
Day 19 Suffering and Grief
8th March Monday
Day 20 Rejoicing
9th March Tuesday
Day 21 Faith
10th March Wednesday
Day 22 Understanding and Ignorance
11th March Thursday
Day 23 Wisdom and Foolishness
12th March Friday
Day 24 Knowledge of good and evil
13th March Saturday
Day 25 Authority and Submission
14th March Sunday
Day 26 Faithfulness and Betrayal
15th March Monday
Day 27 Grace and Debt
16th March Tuesday
Day 28 Truth
17th March Wednesday
Day 29 Healing
18th March Thursday
Day 30 Justice and Injustice
19th March Friday
Day 31 Mercy
20th March Saturday
Day 32 Serving God
21st March Sunday
Day 33 Love
22nd March Monday
Day 34 Generosity and Greed
23rd March Tuesday
Day 35 Peace and Worry
24th March Wednesday
Day 36 Hope
25th March Thursday
Day 37 Holiness
26th March Friday
Day 38 Obedience
27th March Saturday
Day 39 Bearing Fruit
28th March Sunday
Day 40 Praise
Holy Week Devotions
29th March Monday
The Holy Spirit
30th March Tuesday
31st March Wednesday
1st April Thursday
2nd April Good Friday
3rd April Holy Saturday
4th April Easter Sunday
The Risen Lord

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