Send Mothers' Union

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide Christian organisation that believes in the importance of family life. Being a member of the Mothers' Union is a commitment before God and joins members in a worldwide fellowship of prayer, love, and service.

The aim of the mothers' Union is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life.

The Objects of the Mothers' Union

Membership is open to all those who

1, Have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and

2. Declare their support for the Aim and Objects of the society.

The Mothers' Union Prayer

Loving Lord, we thank you for your love so freely given to us all.
We pray for families around the world.
Bless the work of the Mothers' Union as we seek to share your love
through the encouragement, strengthening and support of marriage and family life.
Empowered by your Spirit, may we be united in prayer and worship;
and in love and service reach out as your hands across the world.
In Jesus' name.

All meetings unless otherwise stated are in the Church Room, Send.

If you would like to know more about the Mothers Union or would like to come along to one of our meetings

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