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Recent sermons at St Mary's Church, Send - Latest first.  Scroll down for earlier ones.

8 March 2020 Moving forward in service. 
"There needs to be something of God about us that people can see"
Today's gospel reading

3 February 2020.  "Get up!  Don't be afraid"  In Jesus' words from today's gospel, Tony exhorts us to confident action.

16 February 2020, Expert advice on dealing with anxiety, based on today's gospel from Matthew Chapter 6,
"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin,  yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these."

02 February 2020 at our Christingle service, Tony had something special to say, but needed to involve the congregation in saying the key word....

26 January 2010
Evangelism - We have all got our part to play in spreading the Good News, and we can do it wherever we are.
Tony was suffering from a tickly throat, hence his opening remarks.

1st December - First Sunday in Advent 2019
As we light the first advent candle, we should choose light over darkness
Tony had to briefly interrupt his sermon to re-light the candle which had gone out!

Remembrance Sunday 2019

Parish Share
27th October 2019 - Tony explains the challenges we face over parish finances

God & Wealth
23rd September 2019 - Picture is 30 pieces of silver placed on the church path one Easter
Remembering the money Judas received for his betrayal of Jesus.

Turning to God at Baptism
15 Sept 2019 Pictures of Wedding Dress display and Tony's Dragon themed cope referred to in the sermon.

On our Patronal Festival Tony's sermon was on St. Mary the Virgin to whom our church is dedicated
8 Sept 2019 - Picture is of Mary as depicted in our stained glass window in  the  West gallery

Tables representing Church
1 Sept 2019 - Picture is one of the tables at our Coffee Shop - no "table plans" there!

Inappropriate reactions to problems
30 June 2019 - Picture is a street in Jerusalem to which Jesus and his disciples were journeying

Healing the Gerasene Demoniac

23 June 2019 - Picture is of part of the lake into which the swine plunged...

Baptising in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
Trinity Sunday 16 June 2019 - Picture shows Tony's "Trinitarian Stole", as mentioned...

The Holy Spirit overflowing into our lives - 02 June 2019

What are we being called to do?
26 May 2019 - Picture represents a logic puzzle that Tony refers to.

Tony's Easter Day  sermon 21st  April 2019, on the subject of resurrection


This stained glass window is situated above the West Door, in the gallery where the bell ringers stand. 

Feel free to go and look at it when the ringers are not present.

Click on the picture to hear Tony's sermon of 22nd July the Festival of Mary Magdalene represented by the kneeling figure.

Click on the stained glass window to listen to Tony's sermon of 15th July about the parable of The Good Samaritan

an example to all Christians on relationships with people we meet.

Click the boat on the Sea of Galilee to listen toTony's Sermon June 24 2018 "Who is this even the wind and the waves obey him!"

Click here to listen to Tony's sermon June 10 2018 "They said 'Jesus is mad!' "

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