Vision Statement

Our Vision is

To respond to the liberating love of God in Christ

To serve all who live and work in the diocese


We affirm

The importance of parish churches as local centres of Christian worship, spirituality, community life and mission

The purpose of the Church is to

Proclaim the good news of God's kingdom

Teach, baptise and nurture new believers

Respond to human need by loving service

Challenge injustice and care for God's creation

Led by the Bishop, the diocese, as part of the Church of England exists to:

Serve and strengthen the parishes and sustain the Church's mission

Create a shared vision and strategy

Support the vocation and witness of Christians in society

Promote creative relationships with key institutions and networks


We value

The historic commitment of the Church of England to respond to the spiritual needs of the whole community

The leadership of the clergy in mission and pastoral care

The full participation of lay people in the whole life of the Church

All opportunities to work with our ecumenical partners

Co-operation and teamwork at all levels of Church life

Creative responses to the challenges of a changing culture

Positive attitudes to differences in the Church

Co-operation in mission with the world Church

Simple, coherent and accountable ways of working

Openness to God and a sense of spiritual adventure

This statement is made by the Bishop of Guildford, his staff, officers and the Bishop's Council and has been accepted by the Diocesan Synod. 1999


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